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We can’t often make this type of bold claim, but when it comes to water heaters, the innovations provided by the tankless system are simply better at heating water. It’s just a superior product.

However, innovation isn’t always enough to get a homeowner to spring for an additional expense – unless it can be proven to provide significant benefits over the long haul. So here are four big reasons to consider a tankless water heater as the next investment you make in your home.

1. Endless hot water

This of course is the benefit that at first glance makes the tankless water heater seem like a luxury item rather than an investment. In a tankless system, a flow sensor detects when water is running through the unit. When any hot-water tap is turned on, the water is routed through a heated, coiled copper pipe and the water quickly heats to your specified temperature. The water is heated only as needed, and it never runs out – no matter how many showers, loads of clothes, or racks of dirty dishes that may need to be taken care of in one day.

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2. They fit in any home

As you can tell from the name, tankless water heaters don’t include a bulky holding tank. This means they can be small – often wall mounted – and don’t even require a storage closet. This is an important consideration if you want to downsize your living arrangements or do more with your square footage.

This is particularly relevant at a time when traditional water heaters are getting bigger. In 2015 the Department of Energy released new water heater efficiency standards with the potential to cut utility bills by up to 50 percent; however, the increased insulation requirements made home water heater tanks up to two inches bigger in diameter. More insulation means less room for water – usually 10 gallons less – within the same space, and many homes weren’t built to accommodate a bigger tank.

Finally, tankless water heaters are available in both gas and electric forms, so any home could use one.

3. They cost less over time

Since this piece is about investments, let’s talk about hard cash. Tankless water heaters save homeowners money in two ways: through lowered utility bills and easy maintenance.

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Utility savings

Tankless water heaters don’t have burners running constantly to heat water whether you need it or not; this means they use less energy, and only when you need it. Energy Star estimates a tankless water heater can be up to 34 percent more energy efficient if your family conservatively uses 41 gallons of hot water each day, saving you a minimum of $100 a year on energy bills alone.

Ease of maintenance

Because it’s not running all the time, a tankless water heater lasts an average of 16 years longer (with proper maintenance) than a traditional tanked heater. A tankless system also has the benefit of easily replaceable parts, so any maintenance costs can be significantly less over time. Read on for more information on the easiest way to maintain these units.

4. They increase the salability of your home

Here’s a benefit you may not have expected: Zillow reports that installing a tankless water heater in your home can increase its resale value by 4 percent and/or help it sell up to six weeks faster. The reasons for this include:

  • Many homeowners with growing families understand the long-term value of tankless water heaters and appreciate knowing that, not only will they never run out of hot water, but that a 50-gallon tank isn’t ever going to malfunction and flood the home.
  • You might not realize this, but Texas’ energy costs are high enough (particularly within our region) that energy efficiency is often top of mind for homebuyers.
  • Finally, sustainability is an increasingly important issue for modern homebuyers. According to Nielsen, Millennials in particular place a strong emphasis on the sustainability of products that they purchase and are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Having a practical appliance in the home that is not only highly energy efficient but also doesn’t result in large items going to the landfill can be a big plus.

Maximize Your ROI

Like any investment, you should take certain steps to protect your tankless water heater and maximize your returns. For instance, while some electric units say they’re designed to be maintenance free, we still strongly recommend checkups for all tankless units, whether they be electric or gas. Maintenance can for instance help combat the damaging effects of hard water while also addressing any other inefficiencies in the system before they become problematic or unsafe.

Because of the complexities with any tankless water heating system, we suggest it be inspected annually by a licensed plumber who’s experienced with these systems. Beyond checking out the unit, the plumber should flush the system and clean the inlet screen filter to keep the unit in top shape. This not only saves you money, but also avoids the hassle of unexpected service calls.

In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of this annual maintenance that we’ve developed a range of annual protection plans to cover any water heating unit. With these programs, you can plan your maintenance visits and virtually eliminate any need for water heater repair calls. Here’s a bonus – each plan also includes an annual check of the plumbing throughout your home.

Consult With the Professionals

It’s been said that, in today’s market, the benefits of going tankless for your water heating outweigh the cost tenfold. If you’re buying a new home or planning to live in your current home for another 10 years, you should absolutely consider upgrading to a tankless system.

At the same time, we strongly encourage you to hire a reliable installation expert with experience in tankless systems to make sure it’s done right. Beyond safety concerns, a less than professional installation will cause poor performance and could even significantly shorten the life of your unit (and your investment). Consulting with a licensed plumber like Horizon Plumbing Services will ensure you are getting the right system to fit your home’s power supply and to deliver on your home’s hot water needs. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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