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Plumbing Services in Arlington, TX

Imagine a day without access to fresh water or a functional bathroom—difficult, isn’t it? Plumbing is an essential part of not just convenience but health, safety, and the value of your Arlington home. Professional plumbing services ensure that water flows smoothly and efficiently where it should, without interruptions.

At Horizon Plumbing, we understand the critical role of a well-maintained plumbing system in enhancing your quality of life and boosting your property’s worth. It’s not just about fixing leaks and unclogging drains; it’s about ensuring your peace of mind. Prioritizing the safety and efficiency of your plumbing work is crucial, and that’s where our expertise shines. With us, you’re choosing the assurance that only skilled experts bring to your doorstep.

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Experienced Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Horizon Plumbing’s team brings a wealth of knowledge to every faucet and pipe in your home. Serving the Arlington community for years, our commitment to excellence is evident in every job we handle. Our industry certifications and awards speak to our dedication, but it’s our everyday interaction with customers that truly showcases our passion for plumbing in Arlington. We stay abreast of local safety and plumbing regulations, ensuring each service we provide adheres to the highest standards for your safety. And for those unexpected bursts and blocks, our emergency plumbing services are just a click away for a free estimate, consultation, and expert advice.

Arlington Water Heater Repair and Installation

Chilly showers on cold mornings are no one’s favorite. At Horizon Plumbing, we’re seasoned in diagnosing and fixing your water heater woes—from sediment buildup to faulty burners. Our advice and repairs come with an assurance of reliability. If it’s time for a new installation, our proficiency with top-notch, energy-efficient tankless water heaters from brands like Rinnai, Rheem, and AO Smith is unmatched. For the finest in tankless gas water heater repair and installation or electric tankless water heater services, you know who to turn to.

Arlington plumbing services - Horizon Plumbing

Arlington Water Softener and Filter Installation

Hard water troubles? We’ve got you covered. Horizon Plumbing excels in outfitting homes with comprehensive water treatment systems—from whole-house softeners to precise faucet filtration. We’ll test your water and suggest the best solution. Our array of water filtration options, including activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis systems, is designed to suit your specific needs. Dive into pure water with our water softener services and water filtration systems, and wave goodbye to hard water woes.

Faucet and Sink Installation in Arlington

plumber in Arlington TX - Horizon Plumbing

The right faucet or sink can redefine your space. Our expertise in installing and repairing fixtures ensures you get not just aesthetic value but also functionality and durability. We work with premier brands like Kohler and Elkay to bring you the best in style and water efficiency. Professional installation means a longer lifespan for your fixtures and savings on water bills. Let us help you with your faucet and sink repair and installation needs.

Arlington Toilet Repair and Installation

From stubborn clogs to leaky toilets, our services ensure everything in your bathroom works as it should. A malfunctioning toilet is not just an inconvenience but a hazard. We identify issues with precision and suggest water-saving toilets for an eco-friendly and budget-friendly fix. For top-tier toilet repair, installation, and drain cleaning, you’re in capable hands.

Arlington Drain Cleaning

Slow drains are often a prelude to bigger plumbing nightmares. Our advanced drain cleaning arsenal is ready to tackle any clog, no matter how persistent. Video inspections, high-pressure hydro-jetting, and specialized drain snakes make our approach meticulous and effective. Explore our comprehensive toilet repair, installation, and drain cleaning services to keep your home’s plumbing in top shape.

Arlington Leak Detection

Arlington Leak Detection Services - Horizon Plumbing

Leaks can be deceptive and destructive. They cause water damage, health hazards, and can lead to costly repairs. Our adept leak detection services ensure that any potential leak is identified and addressed promptly. With our leak detection services and automatic water shut off systems, rest assured of the safety of your home.

Slab Leak Repair in Arlington

Slab leaks can undermine the integrity of your home’s foundation. Our skilled plumbers are equipped to spot and repair slab leaks with minimal intrusion and maximum efficiency. Protect your home with our reliable slab leak repair services.

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When it comes to the plumbing needs of your Arlington home, don’t settle for less than the best. Reach out to Horizon Plumbing for an appointment, inquiry, or plumbing emergency. Our friendly team is ready to provide free estimates, consultations, and expert advice. Let us handle the pipes, so you can focus on enjoying the comforts of your home.

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