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Automatic Water Leak Detection and Shut Off System

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Detect & Stop Leaks Before They Turn Into a Catastrophe

Avoid potential “gotchas” or surprises on your water bill when coming home from vacation.
The smart water valve has three sensors that actively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature to protect your home from potential leaks and burst pipes.

Make Your Home Even Smarter

Use your smartphone to get alerts and turn your water on or off from anywhere in the world! Plus, it’s smart enough to automatically shut off your water for you if a catastrophic event begins to happen.

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Flo by Moen Benefits:

  • Protects property from catastrophic water leaks
  • Prevent high water bills due to leaky toilets
  • Automatic shut off of water when leak identified
  • Provides text and email alerts when leak detect
  • Monitor temperature of the home
  • Provides tracking of water usage
  • Can be managed from your smart phone
  • Voice Control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
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From your iPhone or Android smartphone, view:

  • Water usage history
  • Valve position
  • Home temperature
  • Notifications and alerts

Control and shutoff water to your home remotely!

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How It Works

With built in pressure, flow and temperature sensors in the device, and using advanced analytics in the cloud, Flo by Moen learns a consumers home, monitors water usage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, identifies leaks or excess water usage and alerts the home owner of these issues to prevent damage and protect their home.

The consumer can see their water usage through the connected smart phone app, and get real time alerts (or via text message, email or automated phone call) to remotely turn their water on or off.

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