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Water Softening

It’s gloom and grime when you see this on your faucets. And the fault lies within the water itself. Hard water deposits like this form naturally when hard water passes through any of your water-using appliances.

Let Horizon Plumbing put an end to water deposits and build-up throughout your home.

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What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is your average tap water which is full of calcium and magnesium (among other chemicals). These two elements create the lime-green deposits on your appliances.

Did you know that getting a water softener is one of the best investments a homeowner can make?

Removing hard water from your home is possible and best left up to professional plumbers.

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How Do I Make Hard Water Soft?

After a good scrubbing, Horizon’s certified water-softening experts can install a water-softening system for you.
Benefits of water softening systems:

  • No more hard water! Eliminate grime and calcification which saves you money on repairing water-dependent appliances down the road.
  • It tastes better! And the sodium input is about as much as an olive. So unless you hate olives, drink up!
  • Use less soap! Cut your soap use in half with a water-softening system.
  • They’re transportable. So whenever you move to your next home, you can take it with you.

Remember that a new water softening system can save you more in repairs than most other appliances throughout your home.

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