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Electric Tankless Water Heater

For non-gas powered homes, we recommend the TruTankless Vero, which provides the same or better quality than any top-of-the-line tankless gas water heater.

TruTankless Benefits:

  • Never runs out of hot water.
  • Activates only when it’s needed, improving energy efficiency.
  • Provides hot water at a consistent temperature.
  • Offers ongoing energy savings that outweigh the cost of the upgrade.
  • Can be managed from your smartphone.
  • Frees up six to eight feet of storage space.
  • Is the first viable tankless alternative for a non-gas home.
  • Save up to 25% of your water bill
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How Does the TruTankless Work?

Whether you own a gas or non-gas home, the video above shows how TruTankless can work for you. Watch as our very own Troy Koopman (General Manager of Horizon Plumbing) guides you through his perspective of the TruTankless, which he uses in his own home.

Essentially, any time the unit senses water flow, one (or more) of the four heating elements within the unit activates. Depending on how much water is being demanded, for example, if multiple shower water are going, multiple elements may activate.

As soon as you turn off the hot water, the heating elements that are no longer needed deactivate.

In this way, the TruTankless only ever heats the water that it needs to, unlike a traditional gas water heater which may stay on for several hours.

The elements also cycle on and off so they wear down evenly over time, minimizing the need for replacement and/or maintenance and also troubleshooting their Error Codes.

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We Service All Makes and Models, including:

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The Tankless Water Heater Experts of DFW

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New technology works best when it’s entrusted in the hands of technicians with a combination of experience and a commitment to continuous improvement.

All plumbing technicians from Horizon Services undergo mandatory technical training for three hours every week, all year long.

And we’ve been dutifully serving our customers since 1989, so you know we’ll be around any time you need us.

We are known as the tankless water heater experts of DFW, and have serviced 25,000+ homes across Dallas/Fort Worth with general plumbing services, as well as 5,000+ tankless water heaters. If you need your tankless water heater repaired or replaced, we’re the experts for you.

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