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Professional Lewisville Plumbers - Horizon Plumbing

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Professional Lewisville Plumbers

In Lewisville, poorly maintained plumbing can lead to not only costly damages to your property but also pose dangers to your health and reduce your home’s value. Understanding the importance of a reliable plumbing system, Horizon Plumbing stands as a top-tier, professional Lewisville plumber. Our commitment to providing long-lasting solutions ensures your plumbing system is both efficient and durable, safeguarding your property and wellbeing.

Experienced Lewisville Plumbers

Horizon Plumbing brings over 40 years of expertise and excellence to Lewisville, addressing diverse plumbing challenges with transparency, integrity, and clear pricing. As licensed and insured professionals, we give our clients peace of mind regarding the reliability and safety of our services. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we cater to various needs with a wide range of services. Our expertise extends to installation, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for a variety of plumbing systems. 

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Plumbing Services

Professional Lewisville Plumbers - Horizon Plumbing

At Horizon Plumbing, we provide an extensive array of services to address your plumbing needs in Lewisville, including unclogging drains, fixing running toilets, repairing water and slab leaks, and addressing failed water heaters.

Water Heater Repair and Installation in Lewisville

Water Heater Installation Services in Lewisville - Horizon Plumbing

Our proficiency in installing high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters from brands like Rinnai, Rheem, and AO-Smith is unmatched. Whether it’s tankless, traditional, or hybrid models, we ensure accurate sizing, proper venting, and precise connections. For water heater repairs, we’re skilled in diagnosing and fixing various issues, offering prompt responses and unique plans to minimize inconvenience. Count on our skilled Lewisville plumbers for prompt water heater repairs, with unique plans to minimize inconvenience. Explore our water heater protection plans for added security and peace of mind.

Lewisville Water Softener and Filter Installation

We specialize in installing and maintaining water treatment systems in Lewisville, TX. Our technicians are trained to assess water quality and recommend suitable systems for optimal results. We offer tailored solutions to meet specific water quality needs. Discover our water softener services and water filtration systems.

Faucet and Sink Installation in Lewisville

Our team has the knowledge and proficiency to handle various types of faucets and sinks, ensuring proper installation and minimal disruption. We offer trendy fixtures from top brands, focusing on water conservation and reducing water bills. Learn more about our faucet and sink repair and installation services.

Lewisville Toilet Repair and Installation

Lewisville Toilet Repair and Installation - Horizon Plumbing

We cover a wide range of toilet repairs, including leaks, flushing problems, clogs, and faulty components. Our skilled team ensures effective drainage and venting systems to prevent plumbing issues. We also install various types of toilets, including water-efficient models, to help homeowners save on utility bills. For comprehensive toilet repair and installation, count on us.

Lewisville Drain Clearing

Our advanced drain clearing methods and tools offer customized, effective, and long-lasting solutions. We use state-of-the-art equipment like video inspection and high-pressure hydro-jetting to tackle complex issues efficiently. For all your drain cleaning needs, trust our expertise.

Lewisville Leak Detection

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we accurately pinpoint leaks and conduct thorough property assessments. Our proficiency in leak detection includes an automatic system, emergency same-day appointments, and transparent charges. For leak detection services and automatic water shut off systems, rely on our efficient methods.

Slab Leak Repair in Lewisville

Our expertise in detecting and repairing slab leaks involves specialized equipment and comprehensive approaches to prevent future leaks. We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide excellent service throughout the repair process. Learn more about our slab leak repair services.

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Horizon Plumbing, trusted by the Lewisville community, adheres to local safety and plumbing regulations. We offer 24/7 availability, quick response, and are equipped with all necessary tools and technologies. Our upfront pricing structures ensure customer satisfaction. For any plumbing needs in Lewisville, contact us for a free estimate, consultation, and expert advice. We’re here to provide efficient and reliable plumbing solutions.

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