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Sink & Faucet Experts of DFW

So your 1980s brassy faucets and stained sinks are no longer in style?

If it’s time to spruce up your sinks and faucets, let’s talk. Our friendly licensed plumbers can replace your sink and/or faucets without the hassle. In fact, we’ve been replacing sinks & faucets in the DFW metroplex for over 40 years!

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Leaky sinks and faucets cause water bills to rise. They can also be the source of mold growth if they’ve been holding water inside a crack or leaking out the pipes.

We offer top-name brands like Kohler, Elkay, Sterling, and Proflo. These reliable and eye-pleasing fixtures provide plumbing peace of mind without drips or leaks.

At Horizon Plumbing Service, we are known as prompt plumbers with integrity that will get the job done right the first time. Leave it to the professionals for a sink with a longer lifespan and a proper installation.

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When It’s Time To Replace The Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal system is a grinder that requires power and connects to your piping system. While dish detergent and lemon rinds can eliminate odors, some problems require a professional plumber. For example, it’s time for a replacement whenever the disposal won’t turn on, has a bad motor, or has broken blades.

The most common problem with disposals is an overheated motor that melts and can’t function anymore, requiring a replacement. As a preventive measure, always throw away your scraps, and let the disposal work out small organic objects.

Keep it running longer than just when “the noise” stops. Let it grind away all the bits, keeping the water running over it. This will keep the disposal cleaned out and not overloaded due to backup and help prevent it from overheating.

When your sink is clogged, or if the disposal quits operating, call Horizon. Disposals are an integral part in managing the waste of your kitchen, require not only plumbing knowledge but also the power requirements the disposal has.

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Sink Cracks

Beyond the ugliness of a cracked sink, cracks can break down the integrity of your bathroom or kitchen areas leading to mold growth.

Get a free quote on over-counter sink replacement and keep your bathroom intact.

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