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Leak Detection Services in Arlington

Water and plumbing leaks can wreak havoc on Arlington’s homes and businesses. Leaks lead to everything from minor inconveniences at home to significant damage that could tarnish a business’s reputation. These issues not only cause low water pressure and contribute to ecosystem damage but also waste valuable resources and can lead to severe infrastructure damage over time. That’s where Horizon Plumbing steps in. With our efficient and reliable leak detection Arlington, we specialize in uncovering those elusive leaks that occur underground or in other hidden locations. Our mission is to prevent potential costly disasters and maintain the optimal functionality of your water lines and plumbing fixtures, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home.

Leak Detection Arlington

With over 40 years of experience and a commitment to integrity and transparency in pricing, our team at Horizon Plumbing is skilled at resolving water leak issues in Arlington. Our expert leak locators and technicians are equipped with advanced tools and technology for precise and accurate detection. Our experts offer recommendations on repairs and pipe replacements to keep your plumbing in top shape. Additionally, our adoption of the state-of-the-art FLO by Moen water leak detection and shut-off system further protects properties from costly damages and prevents high water bills. This system offers automatic water shut-off, text and email alerts when a leak is detected, and provides tracking of water usage. FLO is manageable from your phone, with voice control features accessible via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

For a smart and efficient leak detection system, explore our services: Leak Detection System

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Leak Detection Arlington - Horizon Plumbing

Arlington Leak Detection Services

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians bring their training and expertise to detecting water leaks in various settings, from kitchens and bathrooms to ceiling and floor fixtures. Using advanced technologies like acoustic sensors, infrared cameras, and moisture meters, we can pinpoint water leaks with remarkable accuracy. Our 24/7 emergency response service provides cost-effective solutions that address leaks promptly. A quick diagnosis helps prevent water damage and helps property owners save on long-term repair and restoration costs.

Water Leak Repair

Our years of experience in water leak detection and repair across various plumbing systems enable us to use high-quality materials and advanced techniques. We offer for durable and long-lasting recommendations and fixes. From trenchless technology for non-intrusive repairs to eco-friendly practices, our goal is to ensure that the repaired area remains secure against future leaks while conserving water and using environmentally safe materials.

Plumbing Leak Detection

We’re experts in detecting leaks from pipes under sinks to faucet leaks, toilet leaks, and water heater leaks. Our comprehensive inspections of plumbing systems help identify potential sources of leaks, preventing future issues. Preventative maintenance recommendations are part of our service to help you avoid any future issues.

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Plumbing Leak Repair

From small pinhole leaks to major pipe bursts, our expert water leak repair services cover a wide range of issues. Our technicians are trained to use coatings or epoxy liners to seal fractures in plumbing fixtures and pipes. These materials support your plumbing system best, ensuring a thorough and lasting repair.

Water Leaking Under House in Arlington

Our precision in detecting and repairing leaks under houses sets us apart. With infrared imaging, acoustic listening devices, and other advanced tools, we offer efficient repairs. Repairs such as pipe rerouting, tunneling, and trenchless pipe replacement. These repairs prevent costly replacements and property damage.

Learn more about slab leak detection and repair services.

Go-to Experts for Leak Detection in Arlington

At Horizon Plumbing, we’re ready to respond to your routine and emergency plumbing needs with quick solutions. With transparent pricing and a focus on customer satisfaction, we’re committed to delivering top-quality plumbing solutions.

For all your plumbing needs in Arlington, reach out to us.

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