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If you have family members who enjoy long hot showers, you probably have experienced frustration and discomfort when the hot water runs out. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a quick shower uses 10 or more gallons of hot water from a standard hot water tank. Thus, it’s easy to calculate how quickly a household can use up a tank of hot water if showers are extended or if hot water is also being used for other appliances. If you’re tired of rushing through showers because you’re afraid of the hot water running out, it may be time to look into the installation of an electric tankless water heater booster.

What is a Tank Booster?

Plumbers are asked every day about the common dilemma of not enough hot water. One solution that is often recommended by plumbers is the installation of an electric tankless water heater booster which can fit right onto your existing gas or electric tank-style water heater or be mounted nearby on a wall. Not only is this home upgrade affordable, it offers tremendous benefits that can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Additional Hot Water

An electric tankless water heater booster can add up to 45% capacity to an existing water heater tank, increasing the amount of available hot water.

Minimal Space

Your home may not have room for a larger water heater tank. A tankless water heater booster is a great solution that can be mounted onto a wall or attached to the tank itself.

Should You Invest in an Electric Tankless Water Heater Booster?

If you or family members are struggling with insufficient hot water in your home, it makes good sense to consider a water heater booster. One can be added to an existing tank or installed along with a new water heater. Not sure if an electric tankless water heater booster is right for your home?

Give Horizon Plumbing a call today to learn more about the advantage of this cost-saving device.

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Looking for Other Ways to Reduce Hot Water Use for Energy Savings

A standard water heater can account for nearly 15 percent of your home energy costs.  Along with an electric tankless water heater booster, there are other small adjustments you can make to conserve energy.

Use Low Flow Showerheads

By reducing the flow of water from your showerhead, you’ll find that there’s substantially more water to go around.

Wash Clothes on Cold

About 90 percent of the energy use in a clothes water goes directly to water heating. Save substantially by turning the dial to “cold.” And, cold water is easier on fabric, resulting in your clothes lasting longer.

Turn Your Water Heater Off

If you’re going out of town for an extended period of time, turn your water heater way down or even off. It typically takes about an hour for a water heater tank to reheat. However, this is significantly quicker with the addition of an electric tankless water heater booster.

Insulate the Tank

Check your tank’s manual for specific insulation requirements. In general, wrapping your tank can save you five to 10 percent in heating costs.

Replace Your Inefficient Water Heater

Today’s water heaters are substantially more energy efficient than those from prior years. Look for an Energy Star model which can be 15 percent or more efficient than other models. Also, carefully choose one that has heat traps that prevent convective heat losses through inlet and outlet pipes.

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