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Given Erin Brockovich’s recent attack on the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), residents of North Texas have been looking for ways to improve the quality of their drinking water. We’ll start with some background before we dive into a potential solution to the drinking water quality issues raised by Brockovich.


In early March of 2018, Brockovich blasted NTMWD for their explanation of the announced 30-day system maintenance process. She explains in a Facebook post that this “maintenance” is a procedure in which ammonia is removed from the treatment process in order to mitigate the effects of nitrification. According to Brockovich, the fact that nitrification is occurring is proof that the NTMWD is using chloramine, which is a disinfectant used to mask the presence of dirt in the water.

She makes a strong case, because, as she points out, “Nitrification only occurs in systems that are adding ammonia to form chloramine.”

The recommended (but not legally required) method for reducing dirt in the water supply is dirt removal. But NTWMD is using chloramine. Beyond leaving behind a strong chlorinated odor, chloramine can cause mold growth and increase the potential for lead to leach from old pipes.

Sustainably Improving the Quality of Drinking Water with Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Due to the technical nature of this problem, residents of North Texas may be left with more questions than answers.

Fortunately, cleaning your drinking water doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive or difficult. While there is no silver bullet that will guarantee that 100% of contaminants are removed from your water, a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system can get you much closer to cleaner, safer drinking water.

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For North Texas residents, Horizon Plumbing recommends an RO system like the Nimbus WaterMaker Five which allows you to address many of the specific health threats posed by North Texas’s water treatment process. This system mitigates the effects of both chloramine and chlorine, two of the cleaning agents currently in use by the NTMWD. Using this system will help ensure that your drinking water is within the EPA’s recommended range for contaminants.

And because of this system’s unique design, it cleans your water without wasting it, as many other reverse osmosis systems do. In fact, the Nimbus system loses only one gallon of water per one gallon filtered. Compared to the average system that wastes about five gallons per one gallon filtered, the Nimbus RO system provides a more sustainable way to access clean drinking water inside your home.

Getting Rid of the Chlorine Smell and Improving Taste

 According to the EPA, copper and total dissolved solids, among other chemicals, negatively impact the look, smell and taste of drinking water. On average, the WaterMaker Five RO system reduces the presence of copper by 98.4% and total dissolved solids by 93.1%. Moreover, this system has been certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for reducing copper and total dissolved solids.

Improving the Safety of Your Water

 At this point, it’s hard to pinpoint what contaminants might be present in the water supply treated by the NTMWD. The Nimbus WaterMaker Five can provide additional peace of mind, though, because it is also certified to reduce several contaminants to the levels required by the EPA. A full list of contaminants and their acceptable levels can be found on the EPA website.

13 of the water contaminants identified by the EPA can be reduced or nearly eliminated by the Nimbus WaterMaker Five. The level of average reduction for these 13 contaminants ranges from 93 to 99.9%.

Also worth noting is this system’s proven ability to remove pentavalent arsenic from your drinking supply. Arsenic poses a serious threat to your long-term health, but the Nimbus system removes, on average, 99.9% of pentavalent arsenic. However, the Nimbus system will not remove trivalent arsenic. 

Horizon Plumbing Can Answer Questions About the Quality of Your Drinking Water

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For residents living in North Texas, Horizon Plumbing’s water quality specialists are available to help answer your questions and are committed to helping you get clean, safe, and great tasting water for you and your family.

While the RO system we’re recommending in this article applies to drinking water, Horizon Plumbing can also provide you with additional options for a more extensive filtration system for the entire home.

To speak to a Horizon Plumbing water quality specialist, please Contact Us or call (817)-790-9595.

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Source: https://www.ntmwd.com/our-water-system/

NTMWD serves the following cities and districts throughout North Texas:

City of Anna
City of Allen
City of Bonham Greater
City of Caddo Mills
City of Crandall
City of Farmersville
City of Fairview
City of Fate
City of Forney
City of Frisco
City of Garland
City of Josephine
City of Kaufman
City of Honey Grove
City of Little Elm
City of Lone Oak
City of Lucas
City of Melissa
City of Mesquite
City of McKinney
City of Murphy
City of Parker
City of Plano
City of Princeton
City of Prosper
City of Quinlan
City of Richardson
City of Rockwall
City of Rowlett
City of Royse City
City of Sachse
City of Sunnyvale
City of Terrell
City of The Colony
City of Van Alstyne
City of West Tawakoni
City of Windom
City of Wylie

Air Park Estates
Altoga Water Supply Corporation
Beach and Tennis Club HOA
Becker Jiba Water Supply Corporation
BHP Water Supply Corporation
Bois d’Arc Municipal Utility District
Caddo Basin Special Utility District
Combined Consumers Special Utility District
Country Wood Estates
Culleoka Water Supply Corporation
Elmo Water Supply Corporation
High Point Water Supply Corporation
Jacobia Water Supply Corporation
Kaufman County FWSD 1A
Kaufman County Municipal Utility District 11, 12, 14
Lawrence Water Supply Corporation
Markout Water Supply Corporation
Nevada Water Supply Corporation
Shady Grove Water Supply Corporation
Southeast Kaufman Water Supply Corporation
Talty Special Utility District
Ables Springs Special Utility District
College Mound Special Utility District
BHP Water Supply Corporation
Copeville Special Utility District
Bear Creek Special Utility District
East Fork Special Utility District
Caddo Basin Special Utility District
Forney Lake Water Supply Corporation
Cash Special Utility District
Gastonia-Scurry Special Utility District
Texoma Utility Authority
Milligan Water Supply Corporation
Mount Zion Water Supply Corporation
Nevada Special Utility District
North Collin Water Supply Corporation
Rose Hill Special Utility District
Seis Lagos Utility District
Wylie Northeast Special Utility District


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