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For years, a traditional water-heating system with a tank was the only option to provide your home with the hot water it needed every day. These devices typically range in size from 30-80 gallons. They keep their contents heated and provide hot water when a faucet tap is opened. When the tank is drained, there’s no more hot water to be had. That’s why the last person out of bed in the morning often gets a cold shower. It doesn’t have to be that way any longer. Unlike an old-fashioned hot water tank, a modern tankless hot water system has no reservoir. Instead, it funnels cold water into a coiled pipe above a gas or electric-powered burner. A flow sensor triggers the burner when water begins to flow through the unit. Water is then heated and sent to your point of use. There are many advantages to upgrading to a Tankless Hot Water Heater system, but when is it time to make the change?

Here are some of the moments that prompt calls to Horizon Plumbing:

You’ve Had Enough of High Gas or Electric Bills

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To keep water heated all the time, a hot water tank is always burning fuel. That tank constantly costs you money by heating water while you’re asleep, at work, or even on vacation. In contrast, a tankless system heats only what you need and when you need it. A new tankless hot water system reduces the amount of energy required to heat water for your home by up to 50%. It can easily and quickly pay for itself by saving you up to $200 per year on fuel expenses.

Your Old Tank is Broken

Tankless systems are easier for your professional plumber to install and maintain than traditional systems and they are less likely to require repair. Not only that, but hot water tanks should be replaced every 8-12 years, whereas a tankless system can last 20 years or more.

Your Hot Water Tank is Leaking

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A leaking hot water tank requires immediate attention. A malfunction is a problem requiring professional attention; total failure is a homeowner’s nightmare. Gallons and gallons of water can pour out, flooding your home. Precious heirlooms and other household goods can be destroyed forever. By eliminating the need for a holding tank, a tankless system eliminates this risk.

You Keep Running Out of Hot Water

With a new tankless system, your days of standing in a cold bathroom waiting for the water to heat up will be over. Tankless hot water systems allow hot water to flow instantly, without waiting for it to make its way from the tank to wherever you are in the house.

But, if your family is like most, you need hot water for more than just morning showers. You also need hot water later in the day when it’s time to do laundry, clean up from dinner, and get the kids into the bath…often all at the same time. Multi-tasking can be a challenge, and the hassle of rationing hot water just makes it worse. By providing as much hot water as you need, a tankless system does a superior job of meeting your family’s needs.

You Need More Space

Regardless of whether your hot water tank is in a closet or a basement, it takes up a lot of room. Tankless hot water systems can be up to 80% smaller than traditional tanks, and are often mounted on the wall. Just imagine what you could store if you put some shelves in that reclaimed space.

You’re Worried About Water Temperature Safety

Inconsistent water temperature is one of homeowners’ most common complaints about their hot water tanks, and they’re not wrong. Those old-fashioned systems are notorious for it, and there’s a reason. It’s called “thermal stacking.” Older systems always draw water from the top of the tank. This happens in repetitive bursts and causes the water at the top of the tank to become much more heated than the water near the bottom. It’s dangerous.

You need to feel confident that your family will be safe when they turn on the hot water tap. Adults and children can be instantly scalded by water at only 154° Fahrenheit. By heating water on demand, a tankless system avoids thermal stacking and offers more consistently and appropriately heated water.

You’re Seeking Higher Resale Value

When it comes to home improvements, you’ve got to be smart about your investment choices. You’re going to want to make decisions that both provide maximum enjoyment while you live in your house or condo and offer the greatest return when you sell. A tankless hot water system will give your house that “Wow!” factor and excite potential buyers.

Environmental Matters Are Important to You

It’s easier than ever to do your part for the planet with a tankless hot water system. Your new system will reduce the amount of energy your home dedicates to producing hot water by heating only the water you need every day. Even better, you’ll be able to stop watching gallon after gallon wash down the drain while you wait for your shower to warm up. A tankless hot water system is a great way to put your family’s commitment to green living into action.

You Want Better-Tasting Water

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Are you in the habit of using warm water to fill pots or make beverages? No matter whether your hot water tank is old or brand new, it’s made of metal and that can affect taste. A tankless hot water system uses constantly-running tap water and offers improved, more natural flavor.

No matter why you’re ready to make the change, an affordable tankless hot water system will make your home more comfortable, valuable, and energy efficient. Talk to the experts at Horizon Plumbing to learn more. Schedule your free consultation today.


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